STONEBRIDGE CAPITAL Da Vinci Fund opportunistically
realizes private equity investments in companies from
defensive sectors with transformational ambitions.

We prefer a “buy-hold” strategy focusing on companies with a stable cash flow for the payment of a stable dividend. However, the fund can consider “venture” investments in companies with above-average growth potential.
Da Vinci INVESTMENT FUND is suitable for conservative investors who prefer stable dividend investments in companies in the defensive sector.
In 2019, we made the decision to open a second fund for our investors, with the goal of increasing the diversification of client portfolios through investments in “tangible” assets.

The investment thesis is very simple: acquire a majority stake in companies in the defensive sector with a stable cash flow while also acting as an active administrator. For us, defensive sectors are areas such as pharmaceuticals and energy, which are not correlated with economic cycles and are therefore considered to be the most stable sectors. However, unlike traditional private equity strategies, we do not consider a company’s strategic exit, which typically occurs after 5-7 years, but instead have chosen the yield model of stable dividends. Dividends provide us with increased investment liquidity and provide investors with a more transparent and accurate valuation model.

Within the Da Vinci fund, we also consider opportunistically riskier investments in young companies with high growth and disruptive potential, in the early stages (Seed/Series A). In this case, the sector focus is also limited to companies in the defensive industries. We are primarily interested in companies that have an established and proven concept, are not exclusively software-oriented, and solve real-world problems for real people. The fund’s advantage in both cases is access to investment opportunities in emerging Asian markets.

The strategies of the Da Vinci Fund place a HIGH VALUE on social and environmental SUSTAINABILITY.

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