Fibonacci HEDGE FUND


The Fibonacci HEDGE FUND’s objective is to generate
absolute returns with a low correlation to more conventional

The Fibonacci Fund was created specifically for crisis environments and provides investors with an effective tool for diversification within a broader portfolio of investments. The fund applies systematic strategies regulated with discretionary tools and applied mathematics in order to achieve non-correlation with conventional investment products.
Fibonacci Fund is a systematic fund that invests in the most liquid stocks and derivative contracts
The Fund applies a systematic investment process, divided into two parts: (i) a macro-allocation algorithm module, with (ii) discretionary (human) risk control.

The fund’s allocation is based on an algorithmic module that selects the underlying assets based on fundamental, sentimental, and technical analysis using a large amount of alternative data and artificial intelligence elements. The asset selection is always modeled for current market cycles and designed to withstand any weather.

The discretionary module focuses on systematic process monitoring and dynamic risk management through sophisticated hedging strategies based on historical and implied asset volatility. The Fund primarily uses options and other derivative contracts to determine and quantify the risk associated with each position, strategy, and portfolio as a whole.

The portfolio typically contains approximately 30 underlying assets with an average holding period of one week to six months. Each position is proportionately weighted and typically does not exceed 5% of the portfolio’s total weight.

Fibonacci HEDGE FUND is appropriate for investors seeking a positive return and capital protection against market risks, even when other strategies are clueless.

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