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STONEBRIDGE CAPITAL FIBONACCI FUND applies an investment multi-strategy, regulated by sophisticated technology tools, consisting of an algorithmic and discretionary module.

Distribution of investment risk through the application of different strategies allows the portfolio to achieve its objective under a wide range of economic conditions.

Overview of fund development

Target Return: 20 % – 25% p. a.
Average Annual Appreciation: 20,65 % p. a.
Main Investment: Publicly trade able investment and financial market instruments
Investment Horizon: 1 year
Minimum Investment Period: 3 months
Minimum Investment: 100 000 €
Currency: EUR
Dividend Yield Payment: 60 %
Subscription: no fees
Management Fee: 2 % p. a.
Success Fee (Performance Fee): 40%
Calculation NAV: monthly
Deposit Bank: ČSOB a. s.
Regulator: NBS
IBAN: SK22 7500 0000 0002 5515 8053
Release Information:
ISIN: SK30 0000 1154
Trading Launched: 22.01.2021
Securities Type: shares
Form of Securities: registered
Kind of Securities: certificated
Nominal Value of a Share: 1000 €
Segment: fund for professional investors
Type of Fund: variable capital fund
Issue Volume: 7 300 000 €€
Number of Shares in the Issue: 7 300 pcs
Transferability of an Issue: a freely transferable issue

With us, your investment is always under control

Excellent investment results are achieved not only through experience, but also throug the controlled risk.