Global investment fund with focus
on alternative investments

Telgárt, Slovakia

Management and protection
of institutional and private

Bratislava, Slovakia

Multistrategic approach
with controlled risk

High Tatras, Slovakia

Results based upon the qualities
of a proficient and diverse
team of professionals



Global investment fund with focus on alternative
investments and professional asset management

We focus on achieving absolute, risk-adjusted returns and protecting the assests of institutional and private investors. Our multifactor investment process, aplicable multi-strategy and uncorrelation differentiate us from traditional investment product, which makes us a real alternative. Since 2013 the consistency of the results has been ensured by a close team of investment strategists with more than 73 years of cumulative experience. The fund is 100% owned by its employees.
9 years of investing
average annual return
years of cumulative experience
offices worldwide


01 Hedge Fund
Our team is consistently working to discover new investment opportunities. We apply a multi-strategic approach with systematic risk management. We focus on achieving absolute returns regardless of economic cycles through the use of a combination of algorithmic and discretionary strategies. The systematic module generates opportunities through our patented algorithm. The objective is to generate a positive return and attractive results for our investors.
02 Private Equity
We implement private equity and venture Capital investments. The target companies are from defensive sectors and environmental companies (ESG) with transformational ambitions. Above-average growth potential, sustainability and long-term positive impact are priorities.
03 Risk Management
Risk is defined as a permanent loss of capital, but is necessary to generate above-average returns. Understanding and managing risk has never been more important than it is today, and is therefore our most important mission, along with protecting capital. We oversee all known aspects of risk, including market and liquidity risk, counterparty risk, as well as model, operational and technological risk.
04 Proprietary Research
When assessing investment opportunities, we rely on our own in-depth research. We analyze all risks and opportunities, synthesize and integrate our own quantum and macro models. Technology and innovation are the primary elements of our research. We regularly publish our own insights on a wide range of economic topics that form the basis for our investment strategies.