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This is what we do

Hedge funds

• We search for investment opportunities; we invest the bulk. • We focus on achieving absolute returns. • Our flexibility helps us increase the net worth of our investors.•


• Through option and hedging strategies we protect the value of our assets and help you benefit from the present value in the future as well. • We help protect capital. •

Asset Management

• A combination of classic and modern techniques, as well as stable background and experience, has taught us to handle risk. • Investing in safe assets allows us to have the investments under control, to protect assets and to create an absolute value. •

Family office

• We are your right-hand man. • We will ensure you have anything you require, respecting your comfort and privacy. • We focus on investing, protecting and managing family assets across generations, preserving equity while respecting relationships in the family and helping with every day and exceptional family issues, taking into account individuality. •  We offer assistance with generational takeover in companies, as well as tax, accounting and legal advice. •

What we do not do

We do not provide loans or fund projects


Long-term experience based on working with risk allows us to see beneath the surface and naturally sense an opportunity of hidden value, to which a price tag can be attached later on. Our values, goals and the way we think helped create a comprehensive philosophy based on integrity and added value.


MPEA, a.s. was founded in Bratislava


Memorandum of Understanding. Creation of Bermuda hedge fund structure.

Acquisition of investment license, pooling of shareholders' capital and commencement of trading


Establishment of the European company MPEA GROUP SE in the Czech Republic


Establishment of STONEBRIDGE CAPITAL s.r.o., abandonment of brokerage business

Separation of the investment branch, represented by STONEBRIDGE, from the non-financial MPEA


Strengthening the internal capital structure, the fund ends the year in profit for the 4th year in a row


Establishment of Da Vinci Fund, capital growth

The Stonebridge Capital sub-fund becomes the Fibonacci Fund


Da Vinci Fund makes its first private equity investment with the purchase of a drug wholesaler HEALTH FOR ALL.


Management in Bratislava

July Foundation of the APM Fund focusing on alternative investments