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"The STONEBRIDGE CAPITAL mission is to help our People and Investors grow consistently, protect Capital and create added Value for all of our Partners. Deliver Services that will amaze the Market with its Quality. Under the Shield of Discipline, Heroic Work and Toughness to control Risk and become the Largest and best Hedge Fund. This requires Passion, Integrity and Responsibility. "

- extract from the Corporate Governance STONEBRIDGE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT.


STONE BRIDGE CAPITAL is a leading investment and hedge fund, providing assets and investment management. We focus on absolute returns and asset protection of institutional as well as individual investors. We bring together the brightest minds full of energy, innovation, creativity and passion to provide a value that enables our investors to achieve their financial and investment goals, not only for themselves but also for the future generations.

The signature philosophy of STONE BRIDGE CAPITAL combines classic and modern approaches. The world and financial markets operate on causes and consequences. It is both skill and hard work that allow us to know and anticipate these interactions.

Our investment process is fully based on a research exclusive to our company. This advantage leads to excellent and long-term investment results.


Risk control, first and foremost

Above-average profits during good times do not necessarily prove a manager's skill. Excellent performance during difficult times and consistent performance despite market conditions are true indicators of a manager’s talent and abilities. It is our goal to deliver consistent and excellent investment performance with reduced risk. We not only seek high profits but we also watch out for loss prevention — this is our top priority.


We invest together with our clients. Mutual trust and long-term partnerships are created that guarantee responsible governance and increase our motivation to achieve the best profit possible. Associates have a share in performance, which enables us to retain the best people. This is also how we uphold the interests of shareholders and investors alike.


Bringing real results requires firmly defined goals, values and principles. Ours are excellent investment performance with controlled risk, meaningful decisions and transparent relationships. We have the ambition to become the largest hedge fund.

Our success is based on experience, cooperation and trust. People are of great importance to us. This helps us protect the interests of owners and investors. We constantly strive for excellence in anything we do, achieving long-term performance and return on investment.



Meaningful work and relationships are based on the truth and transparency. Excellent results require clear, ambitious goals and the application of our understanding of values and principles. We connect people who think differently and we create an environment where the best ideas win.

The financial system is a reflection of the world at a given moment. We observe how the world thinks, feels, works and where it is heading. Thanks to this, we understand the financial market.


We see our clients' investments as an unwavering commitment, a long-term and stable partnership based on trust, responsibility and transparent relationships.


Technology is the key to fulfilling our mission. State-of-the-art trading systems and sophisticated investment techniques are constantly pushing us forward and allowing us to achieve better results.


Our associates and investors are our greatest assets. We treat the entrusted capital with honesty and care, as if it were our own.

We help our employees fulfill their ambitions and demand openness and transparency. We employ, inspire and invest in the best talents in all disciplines and support our people to prosper in a professional environment.